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Torroella de Montgrí. The 40th of a festival.

A production by Camille Zonca that reviews the history of the forty years of this outstanding festival.

The Torroella de Montgrí Festival began in 1981 with a series of few concerts held in the medieval architectural setting of the town’s old town. This event began to move forward thanks to the enthusiasm and will of the people, which was poured into the project.

Despite its homely feel, the festival is consolidating and becoming one of the most prominent, ancient and well-established summer festivals of classical music, with internationally renowned musicians and artists performing.

In the documentary we explain this process of consolidation that is shown through the participation in the festival of internationally recognized figures.

The passage of figures so famous and recognized by Torroella, has generated anecdotes and stories that are included in the documentary.

Technical file
Pau Subirós Bosch, director and screenwriter.
Aïda Torrent Ciudad, director of photography.
Daniel Lacasa, so direct.
Judith Miralles, editor
Albert Baquero, executive production.
Arlet Rodríguez, production and documentation.
Sergi Esgleas, motion graphics.
Xavi Saucedo, sound post-production.

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