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CAT – Documental Creatiu. Dirigit per Aïda Torrent

La Marese, en Tajin, en Miquel i la Jessica estan a punt de començar el que serà l’any més intens de la seva vida: el seu darrer curs abans de la universitat. Viuen a Barcelona, al Raval, un barri caracteritzat per la complexitat social i la convivència entre cultures de tot arreu. Per a ells, l’educació és la única garantia de millora social.

NO T’ATURIS  és un retrat coral adolesncent, mostrat a través del seguiment dels nois i noies durant tot el curs acadèmic. Viurem amb ells el darrer any de Secundària, amb els seus anhels, els seus esforços, fracassos i triomfs.

El film parla d’#adolescència, #immigració, #educació i #abandonament escolar, i també sobre com l’educació és una garantia de progrés social.


ENG – Creative Documentary Film. Directed by Aïda Torrent

Marese , Tajin, Miquel and Jessica are about to start the most crucial year of their lives so far: their last year in highschool. They live in Raval, a charismatic neighbourhood in Barcelona with a complex social reality and huge cohabitation between cultures. For them, education is the only guarantee to social progress and better lifes.

Don’t Stop is a late adolescence choral portrait documentary, following a group of low class teenagers over a whole academic year. We will see their physical and psychological changes during the transition from childhood to adult age, showing their expectations, their efforts, failures and successes.

Don’t Stop  talks about #adolescence, #immigration, #school failure, school drop out and also how #education is one of the only guarantees of social progress.


El Jardi Secret_PlanoCONJUNT_ramblaRaval2

El Jardi Secret_Miquel_estudiant

El Jardi Secret_Jessica_classe

El Jardi Secret_Marese_Piscina2

El Jardi Secret_Marese_Piscina

El Jardi Secret_Tajin2_examen

El Jardi Secret_parelleta_estudiant

El Jardi Secret_Tajin8_Piscina_immersio

El Jardi Secret_platja2

El Jardi Secret_saltant_frame

The film is an hybrid between documentary and fiction: the characters play in front of the camera certain real situations they have already lived in their recent past. The aim is to get into their most private and meaningful moments of the year and to shoot the documentary in a cinematographic way and look. We just recreate in front of the camera the same situation, in the same place and with the same characters.

NO T’ATURIS – DON’T STOP is a coproduction between Camille Zonca Produccions & TVC (Televisió de Catalunya)

STARRING: Tajin Choudhury, Jessica Ramírez, Miquel Mojal, Marese Pascual Villacorte, Rachida Bknz, Mariam Daoudah, Ana Sánchez, Karla Puco

DIRECTOR: Aïda Torrent Ciudad

SCREENPLAY/SCRIPT: Aïda Torrent Ciudad, Alfredo Ruiz

CINEMATOGRAPHY:  Aïda Torrent Ciudad

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Albert Baquero, Carla d’Arnaude, Eva Franco, Aïda Torrent

SHOOTING LANGUAGES:  Spanish, Catalan, Tagalog, Bengali

PREVIOUS TITLE: El Jardí Secret (The Secret Garden)


Director & D.O.P. Aïda Torrent (Lleida, 1981) was born in a teachers’ family, so she has always wanted to combine this pedagogical legacy with her passion for filming, trying to explain the kids’ world from her own point of view.
Aïda was Graduated in Communication Studies at Ramon Llull University in 2005 in Barcelona and took a Postgraduate Studies on Direction of Photo – graphy in ESCAC in 2005. She directed several TV reports for TVE and TV3 with social subjects. In 2009 she released a short-lenght documentary about a 10 year-old girl who lives in a circus and have to change schools at least every two weeks to follow the circus tour: La Filla del Circ (The daughter of the circus) was broadcasted in Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) and shown in the International Documentary Film Festival Docs Barcelona in 2010.After releasing this documentary, she started to work as a director and director of photography in TV series, webdocs and short lenght documentaries, developing her own visual style: warm, cinematographic and sensitive. The same style that permeates Dont’ Stop film.






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